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Uncharted waters

Hello or to hell with it, simple enough choice right? it should but when is it ever. A brand new thing to cut my teeth with.( cut my teeth means to try something new,to learn from scratch and basically trial and error the shit) this blogging stuff. I’ve been wanting to do it too, for like 3 years now and since presently im immobilized because of a broken foot suffered on vacation in dominican republic, i guess its the impedus i needed. Here goes nothing and i have a lot of shit to get off my chest( fuck you goddamn birthers,i hope all of you go to hell and its  a racist place full of strong black men that were wrongfully convicted of a crime and put to death, smacking their fist against their palm,foaming at the mouth as you get there). OH and fuck arizona too.

whoa , ok so like i stated earlier, i dream about ruckas, i love wu-tang and in that same spirit as when they first hit the scene i launch my blog, cosmopolitan fucks beware, fake broads beware, and last AND least, bitch ass nikkas beware, Simon dimes has a new NEW…………sun ima kill’em this summer.word to ghost-face